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Questionyour art is impossibly damb cute and ive admired it for 400 years now and you will never know who I am thanks for being purple Answer


for Crud!

I am way more excited for smash than I thought I’d be

I’m imagining the bowser scooter works like a segway and you lean in the direction you wanna scoot

happy birdday to Browncat!

QuestionSeeing you like Dota and purple, what do you think about Dazzle? Answer

Dazzle’s one of my favorite characters.  I mainly enjoy supports, Shadow Demon and Witch Doctor are close to my heart.  

Happy Birthday to CharlieWoo!

ft Kaittydeer and Kable (deer)

I am highly considering putting freckles on all Kaitty forms.  I have ‘em irl anyway..


silly comic sketch featuring Paxil

I never posted this finished version of the last panel. oops. featuring Paxil!

[9:21:15 PM] kawaii deer chan: kaitty

[9:21:21 PM] kawaii deer chan: don’t change the subject

[9:21:27 PM] dat kaitty doe: =w=;;;;;;;;;

[9:21:44 PM] kawaii deer chan: How could you? :c

[9:22:10 PM] dat kaitty doe: It was all he wanted for christmas

[9:22:52 PM] kawaii deer chan: I WANT LEGS

[9:29:00 PM] dat kaitty doe: well

[9:29:02 PM] dat kaitty doe: I have good news then

[8:32:23 PM] dat kaitty doe: hoofies

[8:32:37 PM] Pax: hofles

[8:32:45 PM] dat kaitty doe: i want hofles

[8:32:59 PM] Pax: you have them already

[8:33:16 PM] dat kaitty doe: uwu

[8:33:22 PM] dat kaitty doe: now I am fulfilled

[8:33:33 PM] Pax: but i dont

[8:33:33 PM] Pax: :(

[8:33:47 PM] dat kaitty doe: do u want hoofies

[8:33:51 PM] Pax: yes